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03 September 2009 @ 09:10 pm
Title: Doktor! Doktor!
Pairing: McCoy/Chekov
Rating: I'd say, NC-17
Summary: Er..well Chekov gets turned into a girl.
Warnings: Genderswap, sex and a basic PWP. It's shameless really.
A/N: (Seriously, I can't fanvid these two so I just have to write for them.
this is the most I've ever written for one fandom. I also have never ever EVER
written het!sex so apologises if it's bad.)

When McCoy stepped out of his office, rubbing his face with one hand he didn't expect to see Ensign Chekov hovering with a bunch of files clutched to his chest. His face was red already, as if he'd managed to embarrass or fluster the kid without even speaking for once. That had to be a ship record.

'Any reason you're out here kid? I thought you just got back from the planet..' McCoy paused, taking a clipboard from Nurse Chapel as he went to see to his patients, 'You didn't have an accident did you? Trust the Captain to forget he has to notify sickbay, what happened?'

'I..Uh..' Chekov stammered out before nodding his head towards McCoy, 'It is a private matter. Could we go behind a screen?'

The Doctor raised an eyebrow, pulling back the curtain from the next bed, 'Just hop on the bed. Don't worry, I'd guess it's a...personal problem? You should see what Jim has shown me, although I had hoped to end my shift without any cases of personal weeppage. What's the problem?'

Chekov hopped up, the files still clutched to his chest as the Doctor closed the curtain, 'I...The Keptain knows about this, but I swore him to secrecy. For the moment-'

'Good god what have you been doing with Jim?! It isn't a case of the Nydora pox is it? Because that stuff is ridiculously infectious and I told him to use protection next time...'

'No, it is nothing like that!' Chekov sighed, hunching over a bit more, 'The race we visited, they...well they have this right of passage that youths go through. They invited us to take part, but I was the only one who was young enough...it seemed very harmless but then..there was this electric field that I did not know was there and-'

'Kid, c'mon, spit it out. I have other patients you know.' McCoy interrupted, hands crossed over his chest.

'Well..it is maybe better to show you...' Chekov sighed, releasing his files and placing them to the side, 'I think you can see my problem..'

McCoy raised an eyebrow, struck dumb for once before tilting his head to the side, 'That's..different.'

He managed to say before just blinking at Chekov and looking down to the distinct change in the shape of his chest, 'You....you have breasts....and Kirk hasn't tried to...wait, never mind.'

The rest of the crew managed to run the gamut of emotions to Chekov's newly discovered womanhood. Sulu seemed to be incapable of staring anywhere but his chest, Spock seemed to find the whole thing far too fascinating. McCoy knew Kirk would spend most of his time trying to get Chekov to explore the whole 'Being a Woman' issue and Uhura simply had a quiet word, informing him that he really needed to be wearing a bra. It was very disconcerting, especially if you took into account Jim's increasing descriptions of just how great Chekov looked as a girl. As well as just how big his breasts were in comparison to the nipped in waist and slowly curving out hips. It wasn't that McCoy hadn't noticed Chekov before, far from it in fact if his brain could so easily supply the comparisons between his old body and the new one, it was if everyone was suddenly noticing him. If he was completely honest, Kirk wasn't the only one who was interested in the idea of introducing Chekov to his feminine side.

'Doktor McCoy?' Chekov popped his head round the door, making him jump and nearly drop the files he'd been flipping through. He nodded him in, reorganising them on his desk before tilting his head up to speak to the Ensign.

'Yes Chekov? Are you having any trouble?'

'Not exactly...it is..it is personal Doktor...I think I need your help...' He had a slight flush to his cheeks, pulling his Starfleet jumper down. McCoy had noticed it seemed to ride up all the time now, why the kid hadn't changed he he'd never understand but it was probably a little too much to start asking him to wear a woman's Starfleet uniform. Besides, he wouldn't have been able to find a men's top that would have fitted over his chest and not drowned his arms.

'Is it er..a woman's problem? Because if so, you might be better with Nurse Chapel and it should stop soon, you change back in two days right?' McCoy raised an eyebrow as Chekov shook his head, his curls bouncing as he shut the door behind him. He even went so far as to shut the blinds, perching on the side of the Doctor's desk.

'It is not that either..well it is maybe a woman's problem but most likely is my problem.' He bit his lip before running a pink tongue over them as he though just how to broach the subject, ' I was a teenage boy before this da? I had...well I had many hormones and my room-mate was not often there..so I could take care of these..hormones on my own..'

McCoy nearly choked on his own spit before nodding, the first thoughts of a rather disturbing set of images flickering through his mind. Chekov waiting until he was alone... slim thighs spread across the bed..biting his hand to stifle any noises as he slid his own hand down his stomach and-

'But I was...I have not had a girlfriend Doctor. Not a serious one and I have only experimented with other boys so...'Chekov shrugged, splaying his hands on the side of the desk as he leant back a little, burning cheeks hidden as he looked at the ceiling, 'I do not...I still am having the same urges but..I do not know what to do...I need some help and I was thinking of asking Uhura, but she would giggle and if I asked Kirk he would never let me hear the end of it. If I asked Hikaru he would probably spontaneously combust and Spock would make it like an experiment.'

'What about Scotty?'

'He is very nice man, but would also combust. I thought...I thought I would ask you. You are respectable man and Doctor so you would see it as helping a patient da? It would not be so weird?'
'I...I don't know Chekov I..'

McCoy looked up and Chekov was looking back at him, eyes pleading and sparkling with what could be mischief or what could be embarrassment He wasn't exactly sure, the whole thing could have been a wind up. Jim might be about to jump out with a camera if he accepted.

'Please Doktor. You are the only person I would trust...I have no idea what to do and the frustration..it is distracting me when I am working.'

'You only have two days left and-'

Chekov shook his head, 'I would not last that long...and...I do have other reasons for asking you Doktor...I have seen you watching me.' He giggled, shuffling round the desk to lean over the side of his chair, slim curves millimetres from the Doctor. 'Please Doktor...there is no-one here but us...tell me what I need to do?'

'Oh I am going to the special hell for this..' McCoy thought, eyeing up the pretty young thing next to him. If he was going to the special hell though, it might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.

'If we're doing this, it doesn't go outside of this office. You speak a word of this and we could both get in trouble.'

Chekov nodded, hands on his hips, 'I am not tell-tale Doktor. I am asking you for help in all seriousness.'

'Fine. Sit on the desk for me?' McCoy groaned inwardly as he did so, standing in-between the Ensign's legs, 'What..what have you tried?'

'Just touches, what felt good...but it is not as easy as it is with a man.' Chekov flushed pink again, 'I do not know what I did wrong exactly but-'

'You're a teenage boy, you tried to treat this body like a teenage boy's body and that just doesn't work.' McCoy nodded, reaching out to grip his hips and pull him closer to the lip of the desk. 'You can't just go in, all guns blazing as it were..it needs subtlety...build up.' He smirked, sliding his hands up those delicate curves as Chekov groaned softly. 'Take off your top Ensign.'

Chekov smiled back, tugging at the back of his shirt to pull it forward and off, revealing the plain white starfleet-standard bra he'd acquired. McCoy moved forward, tracing a finger down the soft skin of his neck before reaching to unfasten the bra itself.

'You need to...well..warm yourself up first..' McCoy murmured lowly, one hand moving to cup his breast whilst the other thumbed a nipple. He smiled as Chekov sighed softly beneath him, thighs spreading even more more as the soft hum of arousal spread through his body. He felt his nipples stiffen under the Doctor's capable hands, nodding at his instructions.

'I see Doktor..that is..it is wonderful.' He groaned as McCoy dipped his head to mouth at a nipple, chuckling to himself, 'I am limber Doktor..but I do not think I can do that.'

McCoy looked up and shrugged, blowing cool air over the moistened skin, 'Maybe not, but ah well..' He looked up again and smirked, sliding his hands over Chekov's smooth stomach. 'You need to really..feel in touch with yourself..sex isn't just about one part of your body, there are nerve centres everywhere...' He smiled, tracing his fingers over the delicate skin of Chekov's wrists.

'I see that now...Doktor...do you think I could take the pants off too?' Chekov grinned, pulling back a little to push them down his hips, white cotton briefs stretched across his hips.

'Now....take your hand..' McCoy licked his lips as he watched him move, his own need thrumming deliciously through his body as Chekov followed his every word. 'Rub yourself through the fabric, slowly, there's no rush.' He added as he moved a little too quickly, slowing down as the sensations shuddered through his frame. Chekov groaned, a light sheen on his skin as he followed the Doctor's words. The Doctor eyed him with another flush of arousal, reaching out to tug the cotton down and off his hips and stroking his hand over the skin of his stomach.

Chekov looked back at him, very aware of the fact he was completely naked on the Doctor's desk whereas the Doctor himself was fully dressed. He bit his lip under his faze, feeling himself get wetter just from his piercing gaze. McCoy looked back up, reaching out to take Chekov's hand with a smirk.

'Just follow my lead..hmm?' He murmured, making Chekov spread his lips with two fingers, feeling his thighs shake. McCoy looked up and rubbed his thumb in slow circles over Chekov's clit, drawing it back just to lick the tip to taste, immediately returning it. He watched as Chekov leant back, trying to see what McCoy was doing but not sure he could stay upright if he did. McCoy's thumb moved slower, drawing shivers from the Ensign, his fingers slipping a little. 'And you can also do this...with your other hand of course.' McCoy chuckled, pressing two fingers inside him whilst he continued to rub at his clit. He watched as Chekov's thighs slid open more, finally laying back on the desk as he whimpered at the duel sensations.

'Aah..Doktor..' He gasped softly, a string of Russian falling from his lips as he arched to take McCoy's fingers deeper. He leant over the Russian, hooking his fingers but keeping them still as he still rubbed circles over his clit. He bent to take a nipple in his mouth, sucking it to hardness again before burying his face in Chekov's smooth neck. Even when he was a man his skin always looked like he wouldn't need to shave much. The Doctor's own stubble scratched against his skin and he just knew the rash would be of much amusement to Kirk later.

'Let go Chekov..'

McCoy groaned against his ear, feeling him tense beneath him and clench around his fingers as he rode out his orgasm against the Doctor's fingers. He moaned softly himself, the wet heat gripping his fingers in ways that he could already imagine himself. Chekov's cheeks were flushed as he came down from the orgasm, pressing his face against McCoy's.

'That was...I...thank you.' He gasped softly before he felt the Doctor's fingers begin to move again, blinking a little sleepily at him, 'What..'

'Hell, the first thing I'd want to do if I ever became a woman is try the whole multiple orgasm thing...want me to stop?' McCoy laughed as Chekov simply pulled him on top, biting at his lip.

Kirk looked over at Chekov arrived for his shift, sitting down at his post with what was unmistakably a wince. He raised an eyebrow as a slightly blissful smile crept across his lips and was that beard burn?! He laughed inwardly, wondering just who he'd gone to because goddamn he would have so much fun if he ever got turned into a woman. Hell, he probably wouldn't come out of his room, he really didn't know how women ever got anywhere with breasts right in front of them all the time. That said, just who had the kid asked, certainly no-one on the bridge or they'd be beaming smug rays just like Chekov. Still, it would be interesting to find out.

'Jim, I uh..I left that cream you asked for in your room. God knows I don't want to hear anymore about it. Thought I'd come tell you in person though, I know what you're like with the comms system.'

Kirk nearly jumped out his seat as McCoy whispered over his shoulder, clutching his chest as he turned to berate him for nearly giving him a heart attack.

'Jesus Bones, give a guy a warn-..' Kirk simply stopped before sniggering, 'I can't believe you!'

McCoy looked at him nonplussed, casting warning glances at everyone turned to look at them, 'What are you talking about?!'

Kirk simply smirked, beckoning him forward to whisper in his ear, 'I'd recommend the polo-neck today my dear doctor, I think Chekov drew blood.'

McCoy simply flinched, slapping a hand to cover the marks on his neck as he made his excuses and stumbled towards the hololift.

Sometimes Kirk really loved his job.
arcane_larkarcane_lark on September 3rd, 2009 08:29 pm (UTC)
1. Turning Chekov into a girl is the best thing ever.

2. Clueless about girly bits Chekov is the second best thing ever.

3. Your Federer love also makes me happy, even if I'm more of a Rafa girl.
lrndnglrndng on September 3rd, 2009 09:26 pm (UTC)
takhallus: Bones He's 17takhallus on September 3rd, 2009 10:42 pm (UTC)
I don't usually read het but that wasn't het..sort of...and it involved Chekov and Bones and that's always hot lol

Good job!
secretsolitaire: ahahahasecretsolitaire on September 3rd, 2009 11:31 pm (UTC)
Bwahahaha! Funny and hot. :-)
Devo79: wankingdevo79 on September 3rd, 2009 11:56 pm (UTC)
I love girl!Chekov fics. We need more of those :)

Jim was spot on in this.

Uh and it was hot as hell *see icon*
shadowclubshadowclub on September 5th, 2009 03:03 am (UTC)
Hahaha:) Chekov was highly amusing here!

Well done!
flwrpwr_vampyre: ST - Chekov BAMFflwrpwr_vampyre on September 9th, 2009 02:24 pm (UTC)
I love this. McCoy lusting after Chekov both as a guy and girl is just so hot.